La Lomita

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La Antígua, Cardel, Chachalacas y Zempoala

La Antigua is located 25 km from the port of Veracruz, following the route that Cortes took to Zempoala, This enigmatic river town that evocates legends was the second formal settlement of the New Spain, after the Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz.

Historical Monuments

  • “El Cristo del Buen Viaje” Chapelle
  • La Aduana (custom house)
  • Rosario hermit

Other Attractions

We suggest you to take a boat for a river ride, but not without trying the great local gastronomy first.

Cardel & Chichicaxtle

These two towns are places chose by the bird watchers to perform their counting on “rapacious birds” coming from North America that gather during Autumn and Spring to get the warm currents to continue on their travel.


Located at the Actopan river mouth, between La Antigua and Zempoala, there is a way that connects Cardel city with the bar of Chachalacas. Here you can find a lot of lodging places in front of the sea. There is a huge extension of many kilometers of dunes to the north which makes it look like a desert, ideal for ATVs or practicing paragliding.


Continuing our tour on 180 road to Villa Rica, only 15 km from La Antigua you can find the rests of an ancient prehispanic city named Zempoala, also called Villaviciosa “Vicious Ville” by the Spanish, who were amazed for the its fertile lands, fruits and spices that grew there.

Zempoala Archeologic Zone

Visit schedule is from 8:00 to 17:30. Its name means “Twenty waters”, referring to the rivers that surround it.


  • Major temple
  • Chimneys temple
  • “Tiny Faces” temple
  • Wind god temple




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